Who is Farm Direct?

Made by people, for people.
Your European partner for sustainably sourced premium roses.

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Our story

We dare to make promises because we keep them. Farm Direct stands for honesty; we’re transparent about our flowers, in our relationships with our partners, our customers and in everything else we do. Relationships play a central role in how we work. In business, but also in our private life. It is who we are.

The Farm Direct team would love to meet you. W’d like to know how we can help you meet the needs of your customers. Call us or drop by for a cup of coffee. We look forward to getting to know you! 

Willem, Bas, Jan, Rafal, Victoria, Aneta & Maria

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The power that unites us.

What makes us strong is people. That is the power that unites us. You, me, we make the trade. That is why we’d like to introduce you to our team. So you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.

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Willem van Maasdijk

It was my dream to be an entrepreneur and in 2012 that dream came true with the establishment of Farm Direct. Born and raised in Ecuador, the culture of the country is in my blood. Being good for the growers we work with is therefore very important to me. But a good relationship is also key with all other partners and internally with our people. It’s part of our culture, it’s who we are.

As founder and director, I also find it important that we fulfil our mission to provide florists throughout Europe with the best luxury flowers from Ecuador. Farm Direct should be at the top of everything. In quality, in service, in experience. Everything has to be right.

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Bas Broeders

In 2016 with Farm direct I took the step from employee to entrepreneur. Our mission and our process are clear. Only the best of the best for our partners, and we’re proud of that. I’ve always had a sharp eye with attention for detail, but that has only increased with my own business!

With more than 25 years of experience in floriculture this business is what I know and love best. It’s very valuable to find your passion in your life so quickly, I still work with the same enthusiasm every day. My strength lies in purchasing. I know the growers, the flower types, the regions and the market like no other.

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Jan Klinkenberg

Fresh, fresh, fresh. As a sales manager I know what our customers want. As we decide for ourselves what, when and from whom we buy, we’re not dependent on the production of a particular grower. That allows us to monitor and maintain the best quality day after day.

After all, top notch is what we stand for. That’s why many florists choose Farm Direct roses.

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Rafal Grzeszczak

It’s so cool to join a hardworking and enthusiastic team. As a logistics manager I’m involved in, among other things, the order picking and internal transport. In flowers fast is not fast enough, so every day we work hard to improve our process. The atmosphere at Farm Direct is really great. We’re a close-knit team. Whatever your role and whatever you do, we’re all equal and super proud of the beautiful work we do.

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Victoria Peset Bijleveld

What immediately stands out at Farm Direct is the passion for people and flowers. As a marketing manager, I have the honour of telling the amazing story of this company, with such a unique identity, on our online and offline channels. We will ensure that Farm Direct roses become top of mind at every wholesaler and florist in Europe. Because once you’ve had Farm Direct’s premium roses, you’ll never want anything else.

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Aneta Gajos

As a logistics supporter, I assist where necessary to ensure that the logistics process runs to perfection. For years I’ve been passionately working in floriculture logistics. I know the flower industry through and through, but not only because of my logistics experience. As a certified flower designer I also have a great love for the graceful side of flowers. I love the tough aspect of logistics but enjoy binding a dazzling bouquet just as much.

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Maria del Cisne

I am very grateful and happy to be a part of the Farm Direct team. Not only because they are magnificent professionals, but also extraordinary human beings.

From the office in the Middle of the World, in the beautiful country Ecuador, I will put all my knowledge, effort and enthusiasm to strengthen the purchasing area and strengthen ties with farms, vendors and freight agencies.

Together we will keep Farm Direct growing bigger and bigger.

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As Chief Happiness Officer I have a very important task, which is food.

Oh no, wait. I mean wagging my tail, giving hugs and letting people stroke my belly. It has been scientifically proven that contact with a dog is good for both humans and animals.

As I am a noble dog I’ve taken on this task with much love (and secretly also because I get more attention and cookies, but don’t tell them that).

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. Would you like to know more, find a distributor or become a distribution partner? Send us a message and we’ll contact you within 1 working day. Of course you can also email us at info@farmdirect.nl  or call us on +31 297 445 006.

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