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Farm Direct Distributors


Do you like to plan ahead? Or do you have a recurring order? Also then we’re your go to partner. Give us a call, place your pre-order and we’ll make sure it arrives for you on the next flight.

Farm Direct Distributors

Stock in water

After transport, the flowers are immediately placed in fresh water with nutrients. This way, the flowers can re-absorb all the needed moisture after the flight. Thanks to this rehydration you will receive strong and firm roses.

Farm Direct Distributors

Stock in boxes

Will the flowers continue to be transported by you? Of course we also have stock in boxes. Optimally packaged so that the flowers make it to the finish line safe and sound. 

Farm Direct Distributors

Here’s why Farm Direct


Always the freshest roses from Ecuador. Of the very best quality. We succeed because we only buy from those growers who can supply the best quality of a particular variety at that time. Because Farm Direct is completely independent from anyone, we – unlike other suppliers – have no pressure from production and can shop at the best place at the right time.

Service with quality control

All roses are unpacked, inspected and checked by Farm Direct in-house. We put them in water or repackage them dry in a box, all according to your specifications. Deliveries are then made quickly and accurately. From the mezzanine floor at FloraHolland Aalsmeer, our team ensures that the roses are quickly delivered to your box or to your chosen transporter.

Easy to order

Orders come in by phone, via WhatsApp, or simply via the Farm Direct webshop. This way you can order in the way that suits you best. Our webshop is also easy to forward to your customers via a VMP link. An advantage of this is of course that all your customers can benefit from the best Ecuador range that is available at the auction.

How can we help?

We’re here to help. Whether you want to become a customer, adjust your transport or expand your webshop, Farm Direct is your partner.

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Ordering options

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Online webshop

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By phone

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VMP link

Flexibility is key at Farm Direct. That is why we have no fewer than 4 ordering options: via the webshop, by telephone, via WhatsApp or directly via your own shop with a VMP link. This way you can order where and when it suits you best.

With the VMP link, orders from your webshop are transferred to us fully automatically. This way you have more time for other things – such as a delicious extra cup of coffee!

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The ideal location.

We are located in Royal FloraHolland. With all the comforts and amenities needed to serve you better.

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Farm Direct in Flora Holland

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