Farm Direct supports ‘Selva: Vida Sin Fronteras’ to help protect the rainforests of the Amazon.

Farm Direct Gives Back Selva Vida Sin Fronteras (Blog Image)

“Selva: vida sin fronteras.” The name of this foundation stands for ‘Rainforest: life without borders’. Because limitless life, that is exactly what the rainforest stands for. The tropical rainforests of the Amazon, melting pots of biodiversity, are protected lands for a reason.

These forests produce 40% of all oxygen on earth and limit the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. It’s no wonder they are known as the lungs of the world. In addition, they produce 18% of the world’s daily freshwater supply and are home to 30% of all biodiversity on Earth.

That’s why the rainforests are crucial for a stable climate and the preservation of the earth. They are crucial for the world. They protect our future.

But who protects them?

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Indigenous communities: the protectors of nature

The indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon region play an essential role. For centuries, this rainforest has been inhabited by ten identified indigenous civilizations, namely the Achuar, Ai’Cofan, Huaorani, Quichua, Secoya, Shiwar, Shuar, Siona, Taromenani, and Zaparo.

These communities consisted of about 125,000 people, but unfortunately the numbers are declining drastically. The total Ai’Cofan population, for example, was estimated at 15,000 before 1970, but today only 700 survive. A shocking drop of 95.4%.

The cause? Indigenous death rates coincide one-to-one with deforestation and loss of ancestral land. Loss of culture and the influences of a western lifestyle also play a role. Since the 1960s, the jungle has shrunk drastically due to the oil industry, mining and agricultural expansion.

Farm Direct Gives Back Selva Vida Sin Fronteras (Blog Image)

Historians are the first to point out that the disappearance of the Amazon nomads is nothing new. The pygmies are disappearing from Congo and the Madeira shepherds from Kenya. However, there is one important aspect that should wake us up: the indigenous peoples are the guardians of nature. They are the protectors of the Amazon rainforests and their fate is intertwined with the ecosystem. As long as they live there, there is a barrier that prevents large multinationals with purely commercial intentions from intruding.

Selva: Vida Sin Fronteras

Given the universal importance of the Amazon rainforest, we don’t have the luxury of doing nothing. The complete destruction of the people and the environment in this region would have disastrous consequences for global warming and climate change.

That is why Selva: Vida Sin Fronteras (SVSF) was created. Their mission is to help and protect the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous communities, as they maintain this vital ecosystem for the preservation of mankind.

Since 1997, this foundation has been committed to preserving tropical jungles on a daily basis, and we want to help. That is why SVSF is the charity we are committed to this year.

Would you also like to donate? Go to SVSF, click donate and help protect the rainforests. Want to know more about the charities we support? Go to Farm Direct Gives Back for more information.

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