Farm Direct Gives Back

When the corona crisis raged through the world at the beginning of 2020, everyone was affected by loss. And precisely in that loss, we saw the love and strength that connects people. The whole world put their shoulder to the wheel. Farm Direct also wanted and wants to help.

We want to give back.

That’s why since 2020, every year we support a good cause as to make the world a little bit more beautiful than yesterday. Because we are Farm Direct: made by people, for people.

Farm Direct Gives Back


Selva, Vida Sin Fronteras

“Selva: vida sin fronteras.” The name of this foundation stands for ‘Rainforest: life without frontiers’. Because limitless life, that is exactly what the rainforest stands for. The tropical rainforests of the Amazon, melting pots of biodiversity, are protected territory for good reason. These forests produce 40% of all oxygen on earth and limit the CO2 in the atmosphere.

That’s why they are known as the lungs of the world. This makes the rainforests crucial for a stable climate and the preservation of the earth. They are crucial to the world and our future.

The rainforest produces 40% of all oxygen on Earth and limits CO2 in the atmosphere.

Since the 1960s, the jungle has shrunk drastically due to the oil industry, mining and agricultural expansion.

The indigenous peoples are the protectors of the Amazon rainforests and their fate is intertwined with this ecosystem.


Círculo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera

Farm Direct exists partly thanks to the hard-working people from Ecuador, a country that, among other things, has been hit very hard by the pandemic. Círculo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera are committed to helping underprivileged children and families for a better future. Thanks to our collaboration with these two Ecuadorian foundations, we were able to help these families with food, education and (psychological) health care.

A youngster laughs on her break during the Vocational-Technical-Training project.

A volunteer helps with online teaching.

A volunteer helps preparing lunch.

A youngster during his lunch break.

Youngsters during their Vocational-Technical-Training project for carpentry.

Youngsters during their Vocational-Technical-Training project for tailoring.

Youngsters during their Vocational-Technical-Training project for pastry and baking.

A volunteer helps preparing lunch.

Our collaborations

At Farm Direct Gives Back we work together with the following foundations and organisations. Are you looking for more information? Or do you also want to help? Go to the relevant site or send us a message, we are happy to help.

Farm Direct Selva Vida Sin Fronteras

Selva, Vida Sin Fronteras

Selva: Vida Sin Fronteras (SVSF) was created in 1997. Their mission is to help and protect the Amazon rainforest and indigenous communities, as the rainforests are crucial for our future.

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Farm Direct Geeft Terug Stichtingen & Organisaties

Círculo de Gracias

Círculo de Gracias has a connecting role between companies and various foundations in Ecuador. Thanks to their large network and national knowledge, they lead donations to where they are most needed.

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Farm Direct Geeft Terug Stichtingen & Organisaties (1)

Sol de Primavera

The Sol de Primavera Foundation is committed to help young people from underprivileged families with their development by offering food, work training, psychological support and a safe workplace.

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