Farm Direct Gives Back: Círculo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera.

Farm Direct Gives Back Círculo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera(Farm Direct Blog Banner)

Ecuador, much like the rest of the world, suffers the disastrous consequences of the corona pandemic. Next to the terrible human losses, this crisis also has a severe socio-economic impact. People have lost their loved ones, their friends, and their income. Isolation ensued and there is a lot of fear among children and young people. The pandemic has dire repercussions, especially for underprivileged families and in situations of domestic violence or substance abuse.

Impact of the corona crisis on low-income  families in Ecuador

As unemployment rises, schools remain closed and social restrictions are put in place, families are forced to remain at home. This exacerbates aggression and promotes escalations, causing the home situation to rapidly deteriorate (even more). In addition, many poor households end up further in poverty due to income loss, even resulting in a lack of food.

The situation of several children and youngsters, who before the pandemic already lived in danger and social exclusion, is quickly worsening. Little to no resources, no access to education, food shortages and no health security, in a country where unfortunately social protection policies are not yet adequate.

Farm Direct Gives Back-Circulo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera

A volunteer helps with remote teaching support; youngsters eating lunch at Sol de Primavera, a volunteer helps preparing lunch.

Círculo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera

On the 16th of March 2020, Círculo de Gracias and the Sol de Primavera Foundation joined forces to provide humanitarian aid where it is most needed: the young generation.

Círculo de Gracias has a connecting role between companies and various foundations, including Sol de Primavera. Thanks to their large network and in-depth knowledge of Ecuador, they channel donations to where they are most needed.

The Sol de Primavera foundation is committed every day to help young people from underprivileged families with their development. They do this by offering food, psychological support and a social hub in a safe place. Thanks to a special training course, they give about 70 adolescents the opportunity to develop professionally in, for example, bakery and pastry, carpentry or tailoring.

Farm Direct Gives Back-Circulo de Gracias & Sol de Primavera2

Youngsters participating in the Vocational-Technical-Training Project for tailoring, carpentry and pastry, followed by a volunteer helping with food.

Farm Direct Gives Back

​​The covid measures are gradually being relaxed, causing unemployment to fall slightly. Yet it remains impossible for the above-mentioned families to cover the costs of medicines and other basic needs. That is why they are helped by these organisations. Thanks to the donation from Farm Direct, this aid can move forward for another quarter year, including:

  • Monthly food baskets for each family;
  • daily lunch for all youngsters in the Vocational-Technical-Training Project;
  • and psychological care for about 60 youngsters and adult female victims of (domestic) violence.

Also want to donate? Go to Sol de Primavera to support the youngsters or contact Círculo de Gracias to extend your help. Prefer to do it in Dutch? We are of course happy to help you. Send us a message and we’ll make sure it arrives translated and to the right party. Would you like to know more about the charities we support? Go to Farm Direct Gives Back for more information.

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