Farm Direct opts for top quality and more sustainability with Chrysal flower food.

Farm Direct opts for top quality and more sustainability with Chrysal flower food. (Farm Direct Blog Banner)

Chrysal, worldwide market leader in flower food, has been a driving force in floriculture for decades. Thanks to this experience, they offer a lot of expertise and first-class guidance. Distinctive is that they strongly focus on the highest quality and always look for the most sustainable solutions. 

That, of course, resonates with us. Farm Direct is your partner for sustainably grown roses of the highest calibre, and this of course includes sustainable flower food of absolute top quality.

Farm Direct opts for top quality and more sustainability with Chrysal flower food. (2)

The importance of good flower food 

One of the most crucial elements, from harvest to vase, is good flower food. From the moment they are cut, cut flowers lose their natural source of nutrition. Without these much-needed nutrients, flowers quickly lose their vitality.

Fortunately, there is flower food. By mixing the water in the vase or bucket with nutrients, we mimic the natural source of nutrition. The result? Vital flowers, strong and powerful, that can follow their natural life cycle.

This means that even after harvesting, a cut rose in water will have the strength, as if it were still on the rose bush, to beautifully open and bloom for 1 to 2 weeks.

High quality with Chrysal

Chrysal products guarantee excellence, reduce waste and improve bud opening. This way, flowers stay beautiful for longer.

We have of course personally tested this, and the vase life of our premium roses is clearly even longer with Chrysal. A longer vase life means more satisfied customers and a more sustainable rose, and the latter is especially important nowadays.

The importance of sustainable flower food

We consider Corporate Social Responsibility to be our duty. Therefore, every day we look at how we can make our sustainable contribution even greater. From grower, to wholesaler, to florist, because every step counts, including the flower food.

The sustainability of flower food depends on 1) sustainable manufacturing and 2) proper functioning. A sustainably manufactured product contributes to a greener world. Properly functioning food means a longer vase life for the flowers and less waste, which in turn contributes to a greener world.

Sustainability with Chrysal 

Chrysal is the most responsible choice in flower food. The very high quality extends the vase life to the maximum. This allows you to enjoy the flowers for longer and minimises loss.

At Chrysal, sustainability is paramount. With their products, they are constantly improving the entire chain. Chrysal products reduce water consumption and waste, from grower to consumer. And not only in the chain, but also in Chrysal’s production facilities and future plans, sustainability plays a major role. Furthermore, with the program Chrysal Cares, Chrysal has been supporting people and the environment since 2009.

Moreover, Chrysal is a certified member of Global G.A.P. This quality mark applies very high standard requirements for the environment and safety in agriculture. Being a certified member guarantees that these requirements are fully met. They also deliver their products and services all over the world at a local level, reducing their ecological footprint and saving costs in the chain.


Our tests showed that the vase life of our premium roses is even longer with Chrysal. In addition, Chrysal is a global leader in sustainability, which is exactly what we are looking for to take our sustainably grown premium roses to an even higher level.

That is why we, together with Chrysal, opt for top quality and more sustainability.

Farm Direct opts for top quality and more sustainability with Chrysal flower food. (2)

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